promo and merchandise

Simplicity, harmony, lightness and elegance. The design follows function. The function follows the identity of project proposals. Interiorrm belongs to this creative process. From a simple idea can be born a winning promotion. Our company has twenty years experience in the field of business gifts, gadgets and Promotional items. We offer a wide range of new promotional items and always in step with the times (eg. USB-power bank / office accessories / bags / umbrellas / sports and leisure / hats and clothing / writing instruments and more) and build with creativity exclusive custom objects with the most advanced techniques to display your logo or your slogan, differentiated in their context (exhibitions, meetings, product launches …) .Sviluppiamo promotional and incentive campaigns, initiatives related to the ns will. customer to increase sales volumes and capture new opportunities: We help you consolidate your image by touching the hearts of everyone.

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