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safety devices

We propose a big choise of safety devices all approved iso.


They are the small details that determine the appearance and personality of a furniture, which shall also be forwarded to your home. Small decorative items, profiles, handles, screen prints, which combined with clever design makeContinue reading


Regenerate and give a second life to us, is the biggest motivation, to pursuit. Being InteriorRM, cooking changes with you, is to imagine new ways of making a more beautiful and livable space. We knowsContinue reading


As it would be nice to wake up in the morning wrapped in the warm embrace of your beautiful bedroom that has kept your dreams all night. classic and modern rooms to enrich your restContinue reading


INTERIOR RM is a well established company operating in the international market since 1994 in the furniture industry, household and office dealing with design / consulting / representation In project implementation, we employ a qualifiedContinue reading


You can not give up a precious piece of furniture such as mirror, which provides that particular character to any room of your home. Made of PPU, also in gold or silver leaf finish willContinue reading


The fireplace has always been the hearth around which the family gathers, the reference point of each home .. Made of polyurethane foam, electrically powered, it can plug-in your environment every time with ease andContinue reading