INTERIOR RM is a well established company operating in the international market since 1994 in the furniture industry, household and office dealing with design / consulting / representation
In project implementation, we employ a qualified and highly professional pool of companies that collaborate with us, starting from rendering until the development of the prototypes, then samples using the best technology.
In the realization of our. Products we are supported by some of the best Italian companies operating in the sectors:
General Hardware and handles
Hinges, guides
Components specialized office including profiles for aluminum doors
Graphic design of serigraphs and realization of installations of all components up to the eventual delivery of the finished panel
Graphics of computerized sketches
All this allows us to offer immediate, a “personalized” service by following the instructions of the customer’s technical staff for the production of the article, including all the necessary advice to the development and constant updating of the products up to the final realization.solo pc uffici_Pagina_02 solo pc uffici_Pagina_07 solo pc uffici_Pagina_15 solo pc uffici_Pagina_16 solo pc uffici_Pagina_31 solo pc uffici_Pagina_33 solo pc CITY uffici_Pagina_12 solo pc CITY uffici_Pagina_14 solo pc SIX uffici_Pagina_06 solo pc SIX uffici_Pagina_08